This Is The Real Reason Why Women 'Don't Like Nice Guys'

This Is The Real Reason Why Women 'Don't Like Nice Guys'

You’ve probably already heard men complain that women aren't interested in them because they are ‘too nice’…

It’s cliché to think that all women dream of riding off on the back of a motorbike at sunset with a real dark ‘bad boy’…

Some women took to Reddit to discuss this and their conversation could open the eyes of both good and bad boys out there. Here are the main points to take away.

1) If you act really nice when you go out with a woman, you’re probably not as nice as you make out…

Wanting something in exchange for being nice is not being nice and being kind to someone you hardly know can come across as scary and weird rather than attractive.

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2) Try to actually make yourself kinder, and not scary or aggressive…

Suggesting going for a drink with a friend is completely different from asking someone you don’t know.

3) If you use pick-up techniques from romantic comedies, stop right now!

In these films, the protagonist will generally do anything to seduce an unattainable woman until she falls for him. Unfortunately, this is fiction and not reality and a ‘happy ending’ is quite rare in these circumstances since you could actually be accused of harassment…

4) Being nice isn’t a superpower that you should be rewarded for!

It is completely normal to be with someone who is nice and kind.

5) Insisting that you’re a nice person actually shows that you’re not!

And what’s more, you could end up shooting yourself in the foot. When she sees you in another light, she could start to question other things about you too.

Anna Wilkins
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