This is what a real orgasm is supposed to feel like

Orgasms are tailor-made to every individual so if you’re curious about what it feels like for some gents, keep reading!

Real orgasms
Real orgasms

There are a limited number of feelings that you can actually put into words and one of them is the almighty orgasm—but some people have tried their best to recap their burst of pleasure into a few sentences.

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‘An insane explosion’

Explosive—that’s probably the word used most often to describe an orgasm and that feeling of bursting to the seams is also portrayed in movies as well. While movies, adult and otherwise, are unrealistic about many aspects of sex, turns out some people actually have eruptive orgasms. A 28-year-old man who goes by the alias of Steve told Mirror:

I know maybe two seconds before that I am going to orgasm. The build up is short, like going from 0kmh to 100kmh in 2 seconds. It’s pretty short but super intense.
I think the old “shake a bottle of champagne” metaphor is accurate.
When my prostate is also stimulated the resulting orgasm is way longer and the intensity is cranked up to maximum. There’s also a significantly larger amount of semen.

26-year-old Bob told Bustle:

Depending on the situation, it's either a slow or quick buildup, followed by an insane explosion that lasts three to five seconds. Then you either feel shame, or a feeling of 'Yeah, all right, I totally had sex,' which is immediately followed by a need to nap.

Subtle orgasms exist

However, for others the climax isn’t as dramatic and it turns out that subtler orgasms do exist. One man says his orgasm feels like popping a zit, he told Cosmopolitan:

It feels like popping a really big zit except the zit is your penis and the pus is ejaculate. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s still the same.

Another said it felt like cracking your knuckles, he described:

That feeling you get when you crack your knuckles, except all over your whole body.

In comparison to the fireworks and explosion, a crack or a pop can seem slightly underwhelming but it doesn't make them any less satisfying. At the end of the day, orgasms come in a spectrum of their own and when it comes to pleasure there are always different techniques you can try out to make your O more glorious.

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