This Is The Real Reason Millionaires All Dress The Same Way

Being a millionaire does not necessarily mean having an enormous wardrobe and an abundance of outfits. In reality, a new style has appeared: the capsule wardrobe made up of only 10 to 15 items of clothing. But why do all the biggest millionaires wear this style?

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It’s a question of practicality above all. Say goodbye to hours spent in front of your wardrobe figuring out what to wear. It’s an idea notably shared by Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook. Really, by avoiding superficial decisions, it’s easier to concentrate on the really important things.

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The artistic director Matilda Kahl from New York is also a fan of this style:

“Beforehand, almost every day I regretted my outfit as soon as I got on the tube. Today, by wearing a white shirt and black trousers, I no longer have this kind of anxiety and it’s a weight off my shoulders during my day.”

The capsule wardrobe: a quality guarantee

And if you opt for fewer clothes, it means more money to buy higher-quality clothes. “Today, with my limited wardrobe, I feel like I am in a luxury restaurant: I have less choice, but every option is excellent. Not only am I more radiant, but on top of that I feel better in myself,” observes one young mother.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the video above for more millionaire style inspiration!

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