This Is How To Boost Your Chances Of Success On Tinder

Tinder, the ultimate dating app, has just revealed the secrets of its algorithm in order to better understand how to have a maximum of matches.

Dating apps are hugely popular among people looking for love. Didier Rappaport, CEO of the Happn dating app revealed last January that 40% of people find their soul mate on dating apps. Tinder is very clearly the leader in this market, and it has just unveiled how its algorithm works in order to understand how to match with a maximum of singles.

Tinder keeps no secrets from you

In an official document published on the Tinder website, the dating app explained how its algorithm works. ‘Our current system adjusts the potential matches you see, every time your profile is swiped left or right, and any changes to the order of the potential matches that are presented to you are made within 24 hours.’

Thus, to have a maximum of matches, the application advises users to log on every day for a specific reason: ‘We put the priority on the potential matches that are active, and who are at this moment’ he said, ‘we do not want to waste your time with inactive user profiles.’

Tinder also reveals that the geographical proximity has a stake on the matches: ‘It's always nice to meet someone in your neighbourhood, because that already makes you have something in common, which is why we take into account the distance of this person in relation to you’ concluded the application in its release.

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