This Common Gadget May Have Something To Do With Why You're Still Single

Feeling blue? Is your search for love not going as well as you'd hoped? Is your smartphone the reason you can’t find a suitable match? According to a recent study, having an Android smartphone could seriously be affecting your love life.

This study, carried out by a company that resells items online called Decluttr, is as strange as it sounds after it claimed that having an Android phone could be the reason you’re still single!

The study, that included 1200 single Americans, showed that 70% of them were more likely to go for someone with an iPhone than someone with an Android. As though the war between the two phone brands couldn’t get any worse, 65% of iPhone users also admit that they’ve never gone on a first date with someone who had an Android phone. And it’s not much better from the Android side either. 53% of these users say they’ve never dated someone with an Apple phone.

When you first meet someone, their phone (whatever brand it is) can count for a lot in terms of how you judge them. For the fairer sex, an older phone model can be all it takes to make them not interested in you, but guys tend to seriously judge the way your phone looks. Apparently, a third of men think that having a broken screen looks bad on you because it shows neglect and poor finances.

So it’s better to have a good quality, state-of-the-art phone if you want your flirting game to be on point. Especially since according to this same study, two in five people said that they judge people with the opposite type of phone to theirs.

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