Bodybuilder divorces inflatable doll and finds love again

Join us on the next instalment of this love saga, as Yuri Tolochko divorces his inflatable doll and finds a new partner.

The very famous bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko broke up with his inflatable doll to get it on with another plastic mannequin.

A bodybuilder split from his inflatable doll

He's back, ladies and gentlemen. Kazakhstan bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko has made himself the talk of the town again The man who had somehow become worldwide famous thanks to his fully legal marriage to an inflatable doll he 'met' in a nightclub, has new tales to tell. The promising romance with Margo turned out to be fleeting.

At first, Yuri had broken her, and we shall not speculate as to how he did that. He then sent her in for repairs, but the long-distance relationship was too hard for our bodybuilder who simply decided to cheat on her with a very strange object, and make a sextape out of it. And the cheating logically led to a no doubt tear-filled separation. Margo the sex doll declined to comment, but Yuri, for his part, wasted no time on tears.

Yuri Tolochko finds a new inflatable doll

On Instagram, the strongman posted a video presenting his new love. Here he is now married to Lola, the new love of his life. She has not yet decided her gender or sexual identity according to the Kazakh man. But she already has 'the head of a woman, the body of a chicken.' Yuri plans to live with his new sex object, but not only that. In his post, the bodybuilder also plans a harem with other inflatable dolls, all to make him the happiest man in the world.

He fell in love with his sex doll and asked her to marry him He fell in love with his sex doll and asked her to marry him