5 Things Guaranteed to Make You More Attractive to Women Backed by Science

Alright, lads... Listen up! Have you been struggling with the ladies? Have you tried everything from different hairstyles to hitting it hard at the gym but can't seem to turn your luck around? Well, thanks to some well thought out research we can now determine 5 specific things that can potentially make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Let's start off by saying all women are different, and what works for some, isn't necessarily going to work for others, but when enough people are surveyed, correlations will start to present themselves and we can determine what we can do to be more attractive to women.

Through study's and surveys, a list of 5 traits has been accrued to help us determine what exactly can lead to a woman to be more attracted to a man.

A sense of humour

Topping the list may be a not-so-surprising trait. A good sense of humour. According to researchers at Northumbria University, humour is perceived as a sign of intellect and social intelligence. Women who see men that are social and intelligent will see a man that can provide for her and any future children they may have.

It's important to remember that you shouldn't take yourself so seriously. Women it really sexy when a man is able to laugh at himself and crack jokes in he's in an awkward or vulnerable situation. Remember than one of the first steps of being more attractive to others is being comfortable and confident in yourself.

Facial hair

Unfortunately, not all of us may be able to pull this one off... But for those lucky enough to be able to grow full, luscious beards or even rock decent stubble coverage, research shows that a lot of women prefer a man with facial hair.

As far as facial hair is concerned, according to a survey done by researches at the University of New South Wales, the majority of women who said they prefer a man with facial hair, actually prefer a man with just a bit of stubble over a clean-shaven look or even a man with a full beard.

A man with man's best friend

According to a survey conducted by the site mypesties.commen with dogs can be seen as almost 24% sexier than men without.

So if you were looking to get a dog to relieve yourself of the crippling loneliness you feel on a daily basis thanks to your constant failed attempts at finding a girlfriend... It may just accomplish two goals. Having a dog will teach you to care for something other than yourself, this can be a particularly attractive trait.

Primal instincts can drive women to go for a man she knows is capable of providing her and if she sees that you can handle responsibility perhaps she will think you can handle her.

Check out our video for a couple of the extra traits that can make you more attractive to women.

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