Stay away from these foods after your COVID jab

Getting vaccinated is cause for celebration—but not too fast. There are a few rules you should adhere to after getting jabbed, especially when it comes to your diet.

COVID Vaccination
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COVID Vaccination

Whether you’ve gotten your first or second dose of the COVID vaccine, the relief you feel after the prick is euphoric because you know you’re one step closer to being protected against the virus. But don’t forget that the vaccine is a real challenge for the immune system. It gives you side effects like headaches, fever, chills, and nausea.

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But worry not, because you can support your body and help it to recover faster by following a healthy diet.

Don’t put these foods on your plate

We’re all used to celebrating with the greasiest meals like hamburgers and pizzas, and while getting jabbed is a feat that should be celebrated, these foods should definitely be avoided for a few days. Dr. Todd Born, an American nutrition expert, told Huffington Post that instead of eating fast food, you should opt for foods with a low glycemic index. These include vegetables, whole grains, and of course apples.

Additionally, it is important to eat enough protein to boost your energy levels after receiving a dose. Instead of gorging on a fat steak, try eating healthier alternatives like lentils, beans, chicken breast, fish, and eggs. They’re an excellent source of protein as well!

Hydrate your body

This goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyways because hydration is even more important right after vaccination. The body must be supplied with sufficient fluids so you can drink water, or even unsweetened teas to hydrate. If you feel a little bit queasy after your jab, Dr. Ronald Hoffmann, in a conversation with GQ, suggested making homemade ginger tea for relief. Just smash an inch of garlic and add it to the boiling hot water. To pep up your immune system, you can also consume foods high in zinc, vitamin C, and probiotics.

Traces of the coronavirus have been found on frozen food packaging Traces of the coronavirus have been found on frozen food packaging