American woman dies from COVID after refusing vaccine over fear of side effects

This mother decided not to take the COVID vaccine after hearing horror stories about the side effects.

Mother refuses vaccine
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Mother refuses vaccine

The side effects of the vaccine vary from individual to individual. Only in the rarest of rare cases will people suffer from the life-threatening side effects that the vaccine has been linked to. Experts have maintained, day after day, that the benefits of getting vaccinated greatly outweigh the risks, but unfortunately they haven’t been able to convince everyone.

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This 45-year-old woman refused to take the jab after being spooked by post-vaccination horror stories that have been circulating in the media. Her actions, or lack thereof, ultimately resulted in her death.

Terrified of the side effects

Kansas City resident, Tricia Jones had opted out of getting the vaccine because she was afraid of the potential side effects it might have on her body. Her mother, Deborah Carmicheal, told FOX4 that she had tried her best to convince Jones to get the jab. Carmicheal had gotten vaccinated herself but that didn’t sway her daughter. She said:

She was afraid of the side effects, I think.
You hear a lot of horror stories. I, myself, when I had the shot, it was rough, so it scared her and freaked her out. So she didn't want to do it. I couldn't convince her.

Things took a turn for the worse when Jones’ son got infected with the Delta variant at school during spring. He passed it onto Jones, who was then admitted to the hospital in early May. Eventually her COVID symptoms had disappeared but her condition remained serious because of respiratory problems. Her health deteriorated very quickly and she lost her life on June 9. Carmichael added:

I never would have thought I would lose my daughter at 45.

Desperate plea

Devastated by the loss, now Jones’ mother is making a desperate plea to everyone and encouraging them to get their jabs. She continued:

Please take this seriously. You don't want to see a family member you love go through this.
You have a way better chance of coming out okay than if you don't.
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