Unvaccinated dad purposely exposes wife and kids to COVID

This man intentionally caught the virus and brought it back home to his wife and two children.

Anti-vaxxer purposely exposes wife and kids to COVID
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Anti-vaxxer purposely exposes wife and kids to COVID

When you’re infected with the coronavirus, the chances that you’ll pass it on to the people you live with are particularly high and this has been the case many times. But this woman revealed that her husband not only got infected with the virus on purpose, but also brought it back to his family with no concern for their health.

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Anti-vaxxer dad

The woman had posted her problem anonymously to Salon’s advice column called Pandemic Problem’s, and it has now been getting traction from various media outlets. In her email to the news website, she said that her husband, who was unvaccinated, ‘deliberately exposed himself to COVID and brought it home to her and her two children.’ The woman is double-jabbed herself, but her kids, a 7-year-old and 15-month-old baby, have been left completely vulnerable.

She said that her husband, who is a ‘conspiracy-theory minded with anger against authority issues’ had gone to meet two friends a day after he found out that one of them had tested positive for COVID. She wrote:

He insists he wasn't ‘planning’ to catch COVID, he just ‘refuses to live his life in fear.’

When he returned after a few days, she noticed that he was experiencing symptoms and so she had him tested. His result confirmed that he was infected with the Delta variant. She added:

I feel devastated, betrayed, and furious. I feel like he absolutely knew what he was doing, understood potential consequences — not just for his own health but for his family — and decided that neither me or my kids had any right or say in his choice to do this.

Taking responsibility

For now she has decided to keep her school-going child at home, isolate the whole family, and get herself and her children tested. Unfortunately, she knows that she will have to do all this by herself and take care of her sick husband on top of that. She said:

I’ll have to do home-schooling and cope with the fallout from his decision entirely on my own, including missing work.

Replying to her story, Salon reached out to clinical psychologist Dr. Clara Marie Manly to give her two cents on the situation and she advised the woman to:

…allow the husband to make his own soup and obtain his own medicine. It is only through exercising natural consequences of reckless behaviour that he might learn to consider the impact of his actions
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