There are the 5 most powerful armies in the world

There are many factors that evaluate the power and force of an army. With so many countries in the world, these are the top 5.

Since 2006, Global Firepower has listed the world’s most powerful armies based on over 55 factors in 136 countries. The website specifically details the various countries' resources from the number of soldiers, tanks, planes and even submarines but also each country's military budget. The top three countries aren’t surprising.

5/ Japan

In number five, we have Japan’s military. With over 126 million inhabitants, Japan has around 303,150 soldiers, 1,004 tanks, 279 fighter jets, 155 naval assets and 4 aircraft carriers.

4/ India

The fourth most powerful army in the world is India. India has a population of 1.3 billion. They have around 3.4 million soldiers, 4,292 tanks, 538 fighter jets, 285 naval assets and one aircraft carrier.

3/ China

China has 1.4 billion inhabitants. Its army is made up of around 2.7 million soldiers, 3,500 tanks, 1,323 fighter jets, 777 naval assets and one aircraft carrier.

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2/ Russia

Russia has a population of 142 million people. Its army has around 3 million soldiers, 12,950 tanks, 873 fighter jets and 603 naval assets. Their defence budget is around 48 billion dollars.

1/ The US

It isn’t at all surprising that the US has the most powerful army in the world. With a population of 329 million inhabitants, the US army has roughly 2.1 million soldiers, 6,289 tanks, 2,095 fighter jets, 490 naval assets and 24 aircraft carriers.

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