Josh Cavallo: Support floods in for first openly gay professional football player

Australian footballer Josh Cavallo has come out with an emotional video in which he shares his struggles of living a double life as a gay footballer.

The 21-year-old professional football player has finally freed himself of a secret he could no longer carry the burden of in an emotional video he posted on social media.

An emotional coming out

Cavallo shared with the world his struggle of having to keep his sexual orientation separate from his footballer identity. In the revealing video, he said:

It's been a journey to get to this point in my life, but I couldn't be happier with my decision to come out. I have been fighting with my sexuality for six years now, and I'm glad I can put that to rest.

First openly gay top-flight male professional footballer

It comes as no surprise that the LGBTQ+ sports community has welcomed the young athlete with open arms, and the support he has received online has been nothing short of well deserved.

Cavallo also pointed out the importance of coming out to encourage others in the community to accept themselves as they are, all the while being able to follow their dreams. He said:

Being a closeted footballer, I've had to learn to mask my feelings in order to fit the mould of a professional footballer. That's a lot of wasted young players missing out—players that could be very talented, but who don't fit the norm.

And added:

As a gay footballer, I know there are other players living in silence. I want to help change this, to show that everyone is welcome in the game of football and deserves the right to be their authentic self.

The Adelaide United player has now made history by becoming the only current top-flight male professional footballer in the world to have come out as gay.

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