3 techniques to pay less for your petrol at the gas station

The war in Ukraine is having a direct impact on UK's purchasing power, especially as the price of petrol skyrockets. Here are three tips to help you out.

The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army is still ongoing. However, the economic sanctions imposed are not only affecting the Russian population, but also the wallets of many Britons, especially those who own a car. Prices at petrol stations have skyrocketed, and are three tips to help you save some money whilst filling up the tank.

1. Download apps

There's nothing easier to save on fuel than finding out where it's cheapest. Simply pick up your phone and download the appropriate apps. With their help, you'll find the cheapest petrol near you, for some places it could be in the neighbouring country.

2. Fill up when the tank is half empty

3 techniques to pay less at the petrol station Erik Mclean

To avoid disappointment when paying at the cash register, there is a technique called the half-empty tank. What is it? When the tank is empty, the greater amount of air it contains causes the last bits of petrol that were in it to evaporate. So the longer you drive on reserve, the greater the waste. It is therefore advisable to refuel the car when the tank is half empty, i.e., half-filled with air.

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3. Do not pull the trigger of the fuel nozzle fully

The third and most important technique takes place at the nozzle. According to the website Auto Plus, a french car magazine, you can save fuel by setting the flow of the petrol jet to a certain position: the slow flow. The slower the petrol flows, the less risk there is of the tank overheating and causing steam to build up, which would lead to a loss of petrol.

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