London: Rent a ghost Tube stations for £3,000

Abandoned underground stations in London can be hired for personal use. Read more to unveil a few of these ghost stations.

Abandoned train station
© Artemis Faul
Abandoned train station

London, a city rich inhistoryandculture, still remains one of the most important ports of all times. The city also has a vast network of the London Underground metro, connecting greater London to its neighbouring cities such as Essex, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire. The Tube has been operational since the 1890s.

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But over the years, many such underground tube stations have been ghosted or abandoned. The good news is, many of these can still be leased for personal use. Isn't that cool? Antique stations opened to the public. We list you a few of the ghosted stations up for rent.

Deserted tube lines

Some London tube stations that don't operate or are abandoned are British Museum, City Road, King William Street, South Kentish Town, Tower of London.

The abandoned metro lines have either been turned into cafés, bookshops, or supermarkets, and may be seen through the windows of passing trains in dark tunnels; or it is now up for hiring!

Several exclusive areas

According to Transport for London (TfL), they have 'several exclusive areas' that film crews may rent out for film shoots and can even acquire their own train to shoot with! We can also choose from the other 40 assortments of abandoned tube stations which can be hired.

TfL states that:

Charges for exclusive areas currently start at £2,000 an hour (plus VAT) for the station or £3,000 an hour (plus VAT) with the additional use of your own train.

Among the stations that may be booked out for exclusive use are Aldwych, which closed in 1994, Bank (Waterloo & City Line branch), and Charing Cross. Aldwych has made an appearance in several films, such as, Sherlock, Atonement, V for Vendetta and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

Abandoned train station AFP
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