19 fast food employees arrested for not giving police free burgers

Nine police offers detained an entire staff of a fast food restaurant for having been refused free burgers.

Talk about a power trip! 19 employees of Johnny & Jugnu, a famous Asian fast food chain, were detained for refusing to hand out free burgers to a group of police officers in Lahore, Pakistan.

Police brutality

After being harassed, pushed around, intimated and bullied, 19 staff members were held over night by nine police officers for not agreeing to give them each free meals. In a statement posted on Facebook, the fast food chain explained that a group of police officers had visited the restaurant two days prior to the incident to demand free burgers before returning the following day to seek revenge for not having gotten what they wanted:

Upon rejecting their request for free burgers, which has become a common practice for them, the police officers threatened our managers and left, only to return the next day to further harass and pressure our teams... with baseless arguments.

And added:

Nine police officers came to our outlet and took our manager into custody, without giving any reason whatsoever. Then they emptied out our entire branch, taking all of our kitchen crew, including the rest of the managers.

'Injustice will not be tolerated'

The workers were detained for seven hours and were not allowed to properly close down the kitchen—dangerously leaving fryers still on. Customers were present during the attack serving as ample witnesses to report the incident.

Since, all nine police officers have been suspended. In a statement posted on Twitter, Inam Ghani, senior provincial police official, said:

No one is allowed to take the law into his own hands. Injustice will not be tolerated. All of them will be punished.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has previously voiced his disdain for the Punjab region's police force after accusing local politicians to have appointed 'cronies' in positions of authority.

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