This Genius Netflix Hack Will Give You Access To Loads Of Hidden Content

This Genius Netflix Hack Will Give You Access To Loads Of Hidden Content

We owe so much to Netflix, we wouldn’t dare complain about any of its shortcomings. However, the fact remains that choice of categories and genres on the platform is a bit limited. We’ve got a little trick to remedy that problem and make your Netflix browsing a little easier.

Do you sometimes get the impression that it’s a bit difficult to sort through the massive amount of titles on Netflix. Ever wish you could narrow down the film selection just a little more, maybe to find a critically acclaimed sci-fi film from the 80’s for example? Well you’re in luck – apparently there’s a way to access a hidden side of Netflix which gives you a selection of nearly 76,000 sub-genres.

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No need to be any kind of computer genius to take advantage of this neat hack. To access the enormous selection of movies and series, just enter the following address into the address bar:

Simply replace the xxx by the sub-genre category of your choosing, for example the code “7700” which brings you to a choice of westerns. Looking for a few football related films? Pop in the code 12549 and enjoy.

Unfortunately this method only works for desktops at the moment, so put away your mobiles for the moment. Enjoy your next movie night!

Check out the video above to learn more! 

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