This Man Lost £93 Million After Losing His Hard Drive

This Man Lost £93 Million After Losing His Hard Drive

Ever accidentally leave a tenner in your pocket and throw it in the wash, only to find it afterwards completely ruined? How’d you feel – gutted, right? Well imagine that but multiplied by millions. One Welshman knows the feeling all too well.

Who would’ve thought years ago that a cryptocurrency Bitcoin would be worth nearly £15,000? Certainly not James Howells, a 32 year old man from Wales who managed to mine 7,500 bitcoins in 2009 before the boom occurred. Imagine that – a £93 million payoff after 8 years, surely enough to settle down and quit the day job aye?

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Unfortunately for James, those Bitcoins are stored on just one of his hard drives... which is currently sitting in a landfill in Newport, Wales. That’s right, all of that money was literally thrown into the trash. Imagine that.

At the current rate, some experts say it’s not unreasonable to believe a single Bitcoin could reach as high one million dollars inside of a decade. But don’t go grabbing your shovels and metal detectors just yet – the hard drive is protected with a secret key that only Howells knows. Who knows, maybe if you find it for him he’ll go halfsies with you?

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