This is how one $2.00 visit to your local antique shop can turn a million dollar profit

Few seize the opportunity when they pass by an old antique shop. But Randy Guijarro did when he came across some old black and white photos in a collectables shop in Fresno (U.S).

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Randy has been collecting ‘junk’ from a young age. Most of these items were trivial and held little to no value to others. Of course, he wasn’t doing it for a profit. He enjoyed his possessions and took pride in caring for them.

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A collecting mania

By the age of 7, his family had already classified him to be a ‘hoarder’. As he got older the obsession with collecting items didn’t stop. It was not until he met his wife that his passion for building his inventory would be put to the sidelines in order to maintain his relationship.

While in Fresno, US Randy passed by a local antique shop. He knew his wife wouldn’t have necessarily approved but it’s safe to say her feelings probably changed when she found out what it was he had stumbled upon.

As it happened, what caught Randy’s eyes was a box of old black and white photographs. He thought one, in particular, looked familiar, but couldn’t quite put his finger on why.

The right moment to have a hunch

Following some research back home he found out that one of the figures in the picture resembled famed 19th-century Wild West outlaw Billy The Kid. After some years consulting with professionals and historians, and quite a bit of lively debate amongst said experts, Randy was able to get confirmation that the photograph was authentic and was actually one of the few photos ever taken of Billy.

After a two dollar investment, it appears that Randy owns a photograph worth millions. So next time you pass by an old antique shop or rummage sale... Take a look, there’s no knowing what you might find!

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