These Lottery Winners Are Living Proof That Too Much Money Can Ruin Your Life

  • Biggest Lotto Losers
  • At 26 years old, Michael Carroll took home £9.7 million in the 2002 UK National Lottery. How he chose to spend his winnings? Luxury cars, drugs, and prostitutes, naturally.
  • Prior to winning £1.8 million, Roger and Lara Griffith were a happy couple. After using the lottery money to buy a mansion and a Porsche, their relationship fell apart and they ended up separating.
  • After winning the lottery, Suzanne Mullins opted for the yearly payment of £35,600. After falling on tough times, she withdrew a loan from a financial institution. She was unable to meet deadlines and subsequently fell deep in debt.
  • Bud Post won £12 million in the lottery, and did not have an average story following. Extravagant spending, a failed assassination attempt, and one divorce settling later left him in debt for millions.

How many of us have said that our dream is to win the lottery? While most of us can agree that heaps of money for nothing is one of the best gifts we can think of, not all people share the same sentiment. 

For some 'lucky' lottery winners, what happened after receiving their payout was nothing short of a nightmare. Find out what happened to these people following them hitting the jackpot... and how all of them burned through their fortune far too quickly.

Stacey Williams
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