British woman urges caution after losing fully vaccinated dad to COVID

David Allum died at the hospital from cardiac arrest after catching the virus post-vaccination.

David Allum, 58, was fully vaccinated
© Family Handout
David Allum, 58, was fully vaccinated

A daughter who lost her father to COVID- related complications wants people to take precautions even if they have received the required number of vaccine doses.

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David Allum, 58, died in hospital last month after suffering a cardiac arrest days after he caught the virus. He was fully vaccinated.

Mr Allum, from Oxfordshire, had the virus but started to feel better the day before he died.

Faith in vaccine

His daughter, Jade Allum, 22, is cautioning people to keep wearing masks and getting tested regularly.

She said her family still has '100% faith' in the coronavirus vaccines and felt that father was one of the unlucky ones to have fatally suffered from the virus even while double-jabbed. Ms Allum said:

We're not begging the government to go back into another lockdown. We want our life back as much as everybody else does. But there are little things that we could be doing to keep each other safe.
David (with wife) had been feeling much better a day before he died Family Handout


The 22-year-old plans to attend a festival with her boyfriend this summer but she said they will self-isolate in their own home for a few days afterwards to avoid passing on any infection to relatives or other friends. She also intends to take lateral flow tests before they see them.

She added:

I really think wearing a mask in a shop if you're not exempt is so easy. It's no hassle. I know it's a little bit uncomfortable but if you think that's going to save your life, or your mum's life, or your auntie's life, or someone you don't know, it's such an easy thing to do. You can still do lateral flow tests if you're busy. It's easy to do.
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