This woman encountered a small problem while skydiving

A young woman had a slight problem while skydiving. While screaming, she lost something rather precious and unusual.

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If you are planning to skydive in the near future, you should take precautions beforehand. For example, it is better to wear contact lenses instead of glasses and to tie your hair back. Some people even advise wearing earplugs if you have noise-sensitive ears. But there's another tip that we're not taught before the jump that might come in handy!

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A rather unusual incident

A skydiving video featuring a tattooed woman went viral in January 2018, and it continues to resurface from time to time on social media. And judging by how she’s screaming in the video, we can tell it’s her first time!

Strapped to an instructor, she seems to be enjoying this magical moment, which was filmed with a GoPro. But in the video below, shared on YouTube by the viralamo account which specialises in this kind of video, you can see that not everything went as planned.

Did she have something against the instructor?

As you can see in the video, the young woman lost her denture, or at least a false tooth. And the best part? The prosthesis flew into the instructor’s glasses!

Panicked at first, the young woman finally smiles, despite the missing tooth. This harmless and rather funny incident reminds us that skydiving is quite the thrilling activity!

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