This pimple popping toy is the grossest and most satisfying thing ever

Popping whiteheads and pimples has become an obsession. We’re not sure what makes this bad habit so satisfying and stress relieving, but one company had the mad idea to create a toy of huge pimples... to pop!

The New Internet Trend: A Toy For Popping Pimples.
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The New Internet Trend: A Toy For Popping Pimples.

There was a time when those pimples on your face were gross! Not anymore! Today, we love picking! We love that disgusting little habit.

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As weird and gross as it sounds, acne is fashionable! People enjoy popping their spots and watching how the pus comes out of their face. One company has seized the opportunity to create a kit: ‘Pop It Pal’. Pop It Pal is made of a skin-safe silicone with all-natural pus that simulates the popping of a huge pimple!

It comes with 16 pimples ready to be picked the minute you receive it, one refill bottle and one filling tool to ensure your picking can be repeated over and over again! You can also pick a skin tone or the special glitter edition. They’re both available on Amazon for £18.99. There’s also a very similar version available from Anboor, priced from a less expensive £8.89. You can even buy extra refills so you never run out of pus!

‘It is addictively gross and relaxing all at once. I got a Pop It Pal as a gift from my husband. It sat next to my computer and I found myself popping and picking at it when I was bored. The pimple pus is surprising pleasant smelling and was nice on my hands.’ -Jill D.

The pimple popping toys all get excellent reviews online - and it’s not just a fun toy… Some say it has helped their skin as instead of picking at the spots on their face they can satisfy themselves by playing with their toy!

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