Expectant Dad Uses Alligator In The Most Shocking Gender Reveal Party Ever

Whilst others opt for the less "out there" variety of a gender reveal celebration, what better way to spice it up than get a 230kg toothed predator to do it for you?

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Branded the 'Gator King', Mike Kliebert and his wife Rebecca Miller found they were expecting a new member of their family as Rebecca fell pregnant, and once the pair found out the gender, they just had to get it out in the open to their friends and family. Almost touches your heart - almost.

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However, the Louisiana family are clearly not fans of clichés as they thought up a more interesting gender revelation. Now, with a gender-reveal party involving a 60-year-old alligator, they're setting the bar pretty high for those of us who like to step outside the norm a little.

Posting a video on Facebook, the expecting father shared the entire endeavour to be eventually viewed several thousand times online. In the footage, a 'gator named Sally can be seen being teased with a small watermelon before she chomps down and causes blue goo to pop out, indicative of the couple are having a boy. Of course, their loved ones are having a blast as they stand ecstatic at the news.

Though, unsurprisingly, the video split the viewers' opinion in two. Many were quick to point out the ethics behind the family's party planning:

"Animals are not party props, they're especially not the kind of props your ENTIRE family sits on while you tape its mouth shut!" one user exclaimed.

"Who tf antagonises an animal for entertainment? Y'all couldn't cut a cake or take one of your guns and pop a balloon-like normal people?" another viewer questions.

However, the video received some incredibly positive responses, congratulating the couple on their announcement:

"That's how ya do it Louisiana style. Congratulations."

"This is AMAZING!!!! Congrats Rebecca and Mike!!!! Officially sending a package your way!!!"

Whilst Mike has since spoken out in defence of his decision, claiming "people are jealous" and people "assume they know it all", however not everyone is quite so sure. Well, at least it wasn't one of those catastrophic incidents this time.

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