These Air Hostesses Are Revealing All About Their Secret Double Lives

Flight attendants appear to live a dream life, always jetting off to different destinations all over the world. Different social media sites highlight the often double lives of cabin crew - some of which are certainly eye-opening!

Air Hostess
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Air Hostess

With one of the most sought after jobs in the country, it's almost as if flight attendants live a secret double life. With frequent stopovers on long haul flights, they have many opportunities to relax and make the most of the most exotic destinations on the planet.

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Whilst they all choose to spend their time differently to others, a common theme of aesthetically pleasing snapshots runs throughout.

When they’re not flying and working, flight attendants live an incredible life. During their many stopovers, some decide to indulge in a bit of rest and relaxation, others choose to explore their destination a little more and others take on blogging, modelling and photography work.

Well, that’s certainly what we’re made to believe from looking the hashtag #CabinCrewLife, which includes the photos that these flight attendants post on social media.

Under the sun, in a swimsuit taking in the breathtaking landscapes, flight attendant’s second life as travel bloggers is there for all to see. These snaps really do want to make you take to the skies and live that dream life.

Check out the video above for a glimpse inside the secret lives of cabin crew!

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