This Woman Claims Drinking Dog Urine Cleared Up Her Acne

Lynn Lew has shocked the Internet with a video in which she drinks her dog's urine and claims it cleared up her acne and could cure cancer.

Drinking Urine
© Lynn Lew
Drinking Urine

We've heard some bizarre health and beauty tips in our time but this one really takes the biscuit. Lynn Lew claims that the secret to her 'natural glow' is drinking her dog's urine.

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In case you don't believe her, she demonstrates her beauty tip onscreen - holding out a cup while her dog pees then guzzling down the cup of fresh urine without flinching.

She also says dog urine 'has been proven to help cure cancer' but we don't think she has any actual proof of this.

In fact, apart from the fact it is just generally gross, health experts advise that drinking urine could be very dangerous for human health. Whilst 'urine therapy' - the practice of drinking human or dog urine - has been around since ancient times, drinking dog urine could be especially dangerous because of herbicides that are found in it.

We'll stick to traditional medicine, thanks Lynn...

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