Replace your beer with these drinks during Dry January

Check out these 5 original and non-alcoholic drinks which will make your Dry January a success!

Non-alcoholic beverages
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Non-alcoholic beverages

While the festive season is synonymous with gifts, Christmas decorations, and hearty meals, it also marks the occasion to make New Year’s resolutions for January. Every year, people around the world make resolutions in order to start the following year in the best possible conditions: exercise, zero waste, healthy food, or even meeting that special someone... The beginning of the year is often full of promise.

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Although wine and champagne flow freely during the holidays, this is not the case in January for many people who adoptDry January. This alcohol-free, ‘dry’ month consists of not drinking alcohol in order to help the body recover from the excesses of the holiday season. However, alcohol will have to be replaced in some way in order to enjoy moments of conviviality. Here are 5 drink ideas to try out!

Infused hibiscus

Dried hibiscus is very popular for its many health benefits. It can regulate cholesterol and blood pressure, and it also reduces the effects of stress thanks to its antioxidant properties. It can be made just like tea. Simply brew the dried hibiscus leaves directly in hot or cold water. You can also complete your drink by adding frozen raspberries, ginger, or lime, for example.

Ginger beer

Often used to make a Moscow Mule, ginger beer can be consumed plain, without any alcohol. This ginger soda, which can be found in most organic shops or in some supermarkets, will please all ginger beer lovers. You can make a virgin Moscow Mule by adding ice cubes and lime. A real delight!


Kombucha is a fermented drink with very little sugar and it is perfect for those who are watching their diet and are taking a break from alcohol consumption. It is a mixture of bacteria and yeast in a tea base (often black). Kombucha can be found for sale in most organic shops but it can also be made at home. This drink, rich in probiotics, is famous for its digestive virtues.

Non-alcoholic beverages

Champagne, beer, wine... Many alcoholic drinks are also available in a non-alcoholic version. These drinks for pregnant women or people who do not drink alcohol have the same taste as their alcoholic versions but with little or no alcohol whatsoever. You can find them in most supermarkets or they can be bought on the internet.

Iced tea

Finally, for a delicious non-alcoholic drink, you can opt for iced teas. You can find them in all supermarkets, but this drink is also very easy to make at home. Whether it is black, green, or even rooibos tea, you can brew your tea hot or cold directly in water with fruit and, if you wish, syrup.

For example, for a homemade peach iced tea, you can brew 1 tsp of black tea with 5 cl of peach syrup and 1 tsp of honey directly in 300 ml of cold water. After an hour or two in the fridge, simply filter your tea and drink it. Easy, isn't it?

Of course, there are always fruit juices, sodas, but also, quite simply, water!

Good luck with Dry January!

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