WATCH: Hairdresser films the worst lice infestation of her career

An Australian hairdresser posted a video on TikTok showing the impressive invasion of lice on a client's head. Warning: sensitive souls abstain.

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It's a scene that borders on the unbearable and has made many Internet users gag. On TikTok, an Australian hairdresser with a following of almost 500,000 users posted a video of the impressive invasion of lice that one of her clients suffered. Warning, these images may shock:

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'She had given up trying to treat her lice'

As you can see in this video, which has just over 8 million views to date, the little bugs are swarming in astounding numbers on the unfortunate woman's head, whose hairdresser, named Sherrii and a specialist in this kind of treatment, tells the story in another video. Sherrii writes:

This is the kind of case that reminds me why I do this job. After using tons of lotions and getting nowhere with her, she had given up on treating her lice. She called in professionals who also had the worst luck. She gave up on the idea of taking care of her hair and found herself in a very difficult situation.

Shave your head or ask for help

Indeed, the woman had two options: 'Shave her hair and face the pain and humiliation, or get help,' writes Sherrii. A challenge the hairdresser accepted, and met with flying colours.

I'm so glad she sought help because in three sessions we got it all untangled and completely clean.

The results of her impressive work can be seen in this video:


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Bus passenger films a woman with a head full of lice Bus passenger films a woman with a head full of lice