Austrian police defend their decision to fine a man for farting

Austrian police have taken to social media to defend their decision to fine a man €500 (£448) because they believed he 'farted with intent'.

Austrian police
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Austrian police

Most of us wait desperately until we are alone or asleep to cut the cheese. Maybe we let a silent one escape when nobody is paying attention, but only the truly fearless fartin front of the police.

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Some Austrian police have taken tosocial mediato defend their decision to fine a man as they believe he unloaded his biological weapon just for them.

The poor stranger was minding his own business sitting on a park bench in Austria the police happened to walk by. However, the cops have detailed on Twitter the man was apparently showing signs of threatening behaviour stating that he:

Rose slightly from the park bench, looked at the officers, and let go a massive intestinal wind apparently with full intent.

Rest assured that in any regular situation no man would be arrested for letting one go, but try not to look any cops in the eye while doing so or you might be punished.

According to thepolice,the man had been acting 'provocatively and uncooperatively' during an interaction with the cops before hefarted. The power move tipped the officers over the edge, causing them to fine the man for 'offending public decency'.

If the Austrian does not pay hisfarting fine within five days he could face five days of jail time, an even more bizarre consequence of farting in public.

The Vienna police department added to their Twitter post by stating:

Each punishment is imposed individually by the criminal officer for each individual case, as with any administrative announcement, appeals can be lodged and legal remedies can be brought.

The strange news of the incident even made its way to an Austria based Reddit thread where it attracted some hilarious comments. One user passionately stated:

We must not be ‘suppressed’, let the intestinal wind escape for everyone!
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