Ireland: COVID patient dies after anti-vaxxer friend forces him to leave hospital

An anti-vaxxer forced a breathless COVID patient to leave the hospital, claiming that the doctors would 'kill' him.

Anti vaxxer story
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Anti vaxxer story

A retired Radio DJ, who was 67 years old, was admitted to Letterkenny University Hospital in County Donegal after catching COVID-19. Joe McCarron had developed a serious infection, but instead of getting the treatment he required to get out of the red zone, things took a rather twisted turn.

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The ‘rescue’

His friend, Antonio Mureddu—who also happened to be an anti-vaxxermanaged to convince him to leave the hospital as he thought the doctors would end up killing him. The whole incident was captured on camera by Mureddu, who thought he was actually saving McCarron’s life. He says to the breathless pensioner:

It’s all your choice Joe. If you stay here, they’re going to f**king kill you Joe. These people, they are not going to help you.
It’s okay I have my right because you [to the doctor] are killing people.

In the video, a doctor is also seen trying to persuade the patient to stay in the hospital. He tells McCarron:

I'm very worried about you. I want you to stay [in hospital].
I think he is saying something very dangerous. What he is saying is wrong and very dangerous and I think he is endangering your life.
It's a very difficult disease that you have, and I'm not lying to you, you could die, but this could be your best chance in the hospital. Getting the oxygen and getting the support we're giving to you.

Unfortunately, the doctor's appeal was not successful, and the patient left with the anti-vaxxer. After returning home, his condition deteriorated even further, and he was rushed to the hospital once again within two days. He died one week later, on 24 September.


The Irish Times reported that police are now investigating the incident, but they have been warned to be careful when dealing with Mureddu.

The Italian restaurant owner has been known for stirring up trouble because of his far-right ideologies. The publication wrote that Mureddu, along with Micheal McGee of the Common Law Information Centre, has advised followers to use the same method of taking out COVID patients from other hospitals.

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