COVID: UK considering much tougher Plan C to fight spike in COVID cases

Ministers are discussing Potential Plan C COVID rules, which will be enforced if the pressure on hospitals worsen.

Sajid Javid speaking at a Downing Street press conference
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Sajid Javid speaking at a Downing Street press conference

Britain has 50,000 new COVID cases every day, on average. Yesterday observed an important press conference in Downing Street, London. Previously, the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid arguedhow Plan B was unnecessary but just a few hours after, ministers deliberated upon a potential Plan C.

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Javid told the country to be responsible and get jabbed in order to save Christmas. Out of the 8 million unjabbed individuals, only 4 million have taken their booster shots so far.

What is Plan C?

Javid said:

Life is not back to normal, I think everyone can see that, because the pandemic is still here.

Government’s Plan A to combat the spread of COVID was the urgency of providing booster jabs. So-called ‘Plan-B’ is the introduction of masks and getting back the work-from-homeculture. However, the officials are deciding the parameters of Plan C, which could include clampdowns on household gatherings. But, this will only take place if there is an overwhelming situation observed in hospitals.

A Whitehall source told The Telegraph:

The focus is very much on measures that can be taken without a major economic impact, so keeping shops, pubs and restaurants open but looking at other ways to reduce the risks.

What the NHS has to say

The numbers of COVID cases are soaring rapidly and could reach 100,000 this winter. Doctors have urged the government to put Plan B into action, to increase the restrictions in order to curb infections. The British Medical Association (BMA) accused the ministers of being ‘willfully negligent.’

Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the National Health Service Confederation, said:

The Government should not wait for Covid infections to rocket and for NHS pressures to be sky high before the panic alarm is sounded.

If the number of cases continued to increase, the UK would observe its fourth lockdown. The difference of opinion occurs, because whenever there has been one, health and business of the country suffered gravely. In hindsight, most wonder if Brexit really came at the right time.

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