Police raids hospital to control sex-crazed COVID patients

Nurses summoned the police after they caught COVID patients having orgies, taking illegal drugs, and gambling on site.

Thai Hospital
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Thai Hospital

COVID rules are different in each and every country. In the UK, upon testing positive you have to complete a 10-day isolation period which can be done in the safety of your own home.

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Until recently, in Thailand, COVID-patients didn’t have the option of quarantining at home. Instead, they had to either go to a private hospital or a state-run field hospital for 14 days. But this measure has brought up rather unexpected consequences of its own.

Hospital turned sex party

This week, the police raided a field hospital in Samut Prakan after staff reported some questionable behaviour happening on site. Medical professionals claim that patients have been seen sneaking off and engaging in sexual activities during their stay.

Apparently, CCTV footage shows the patients taking illegal drugs and participating in what they report as group sex. Given that they were unable to identify the individuals captured on camera, suspected patients have been let off with a warning.

When the police ransacked the 1,000-bed hospital, they didn’t find any illegal substances but did seize 23 cartons of cigarettes along with e-cigarettes. The staff also revealed that some patients were gambling inside the premises and a few fights broke out in the process.

To assure safety, security, and abstinence, a small envoy of police officers have been left in the hospital and local media has reported that the authorities have decided to split up the men and women in to different wards. Colonel Pratuang Kaewtui said:

We have stationed a number of officers in the hospital to do regular patrols and observe the patients.
But we could not do this alone. We are also asking the patients to please follow the rules inside the hospital.
The nurses and doctors taking care of them are working hard so they could be treated.

Delta variant in Thailand

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Thailand has been relatively untouched by the coronavirus, but the Delta variant has turned everything upside down. The highest recorded number of new cases was just above 1,000 in the beginning of the 2021, but the latest wave has increased their figures tenfold.

COVID patients are returning to hospitals, several months after the contamination COVID patients are returning to hospitals, several months after the contamination