Check Out The New Bathing Suit That Will Hide Your Shame, So You Don't Have To

The popular graphic site's innovations just keep getting more and more original. Their latest creation is no exception, especially for those who have trouble getting turned on in hot spots like the beach or the pool.

"Boner-Proof" Bathing Suit
© PornHub
"Boner-Proof" Bathing Suit

Men often experience embarrassing situations where something "gets up" unexpectedly while they're watching half-naked bodies at the beach. In order to prevent this, Pornhub has come up with a solution!

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The Bonerless Bathing Suit

Pornhub put in a lot of work to make their new product really stand out. After the "Beesexual" campaign to raise funds to save the bees, the adult film giant turned its attention to promoting the "bonerless bathing suit," a purported must-have for all men who plan to go the beach or the pool, with a very "60s" style.

The "Bonerless Bathing Suit" has an inner layer made of a fitted material that conceals men's "excitement."

"We worked hard on the development of this first of its kind bathing suit that should help ease comfort and increase enjoyment for the most masterful of bathers and water sports amateurs alike."

This marvel of technology can be bought in the United States for $99 but if that sounds too expensive, you can get a discount by using the promotional code "Boner".

So, say goodbye to those awkward moments! You'll no longer have to go hide in the water or under a towel. Check it out in the video above!

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