A Kidnapper Chased a Woman Into a Karate Dojo and Came Out on a Stretcher

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Randall Ephraim
Randall Ephraim

Earlier this week, we told you about Polyana Viana’s story, a UFC fighter who completely disfigured a man after he tried to steal her phone. This story is similar in some ways, but we are moving away from the MMA to go to a karate dojo, where this man simply should not have set foot.

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So today we are looking at this story involving a karate teacher coming to the rescue of a woman in distress. In front of the Bushoken Karate Charlotte Dojo Dojo in North Carolina, in Charlotte, a man tried to attack a young woman. Afraid, the woman had the smart idea of running into a dojo. Pursued by her abuser, she asked the first person she saw for help, who happened to be Randall Ephraim, a karate instructor.

‘There were still children in the dojo who were being cared for by their parents and a couple of adult students cleaning the carpets when a young woman came in through our doors and said that someone was trying to hurt her. Sometime later, a very tall man came into the building and I asked how I could help him and he said he was there for the woman. She insisted on the fact that she did not know him and he was trying to kidnap her.’

So that is the situation that our attacker, the young woman, and the karate instructor found themselves in the dojo. Of course, you already know how this story is going to end. A fight between the teacher and the aggressor? You are absolutely right.

‘He tried to force the doors of the dojo open, pushing aggressively. Then I went to fight to defend myself and get him out of the dojo. Once outside, he tried to attack again and was taken care of.’

The alleged aggressor,August Williams, apparently on drugs, left the dojo on a stretcher and was transported to the hospital, before then being taken to prison.

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