McDonald's: TikTok user unveils the dirtiest Mcdonald's in the world

A TikTok user has shared a video of a McDonald's in Sidney and caused outrage on the social network.

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Another video has surfaced on social media damaging the image of the fast-food chain. The shocking images reveal the state of cleanliness—or lack thereof—of a McDonald's that was left to rot this weekend.

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The dirtiest Mcdonald's

Looking to order some nuggets, TikTok user @silllysusssybakaa went to a Mcdonald's in Sydney at 4am. He found the restaurant turned upside down, as if a protest had gone out of control. The restaurant, wrappers, glasses, straws, cardboard boxes and paper bags litter the tables and the floor. There are still fries and half-eaten burgers.

Despite the mess, some unperturbed consumers eat in the middle of this chaos.


We just wanted nuggets after a long night out 😭🙅‍♂️😈🧐😎⁉️💦 #mcdonalds#food#fyp#foryou

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The reaction of TikTok users

The video has been viewed 108,000 times, and has attracted 4569 likes and 378 comments.

Naturally, users of the platform point the finger at the disrespectful behaviour of the fast-food chain's customers rather than the chain itself. Others are directing their thoughts to the people in charge of cleaning.

The TikTok user who shared this video has awarded the establishment the prize for worst McDonald's in the world, but users are correcting and rather naming its consumers the worst customers in the world.

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