Truth Social: What is this new social network launched by Donald Trump?

Donald Trump has just announced the launch of a new social network, called Truth Social. How does it differ from its competitors?

Donald Trump
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Donald Trump

Banned from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, notably for sharing false information and inciting several of his supporters to invade the Capitol, Donald Trump does not intend to remain silent. In a statement, the former US president announced the launch of Truth Social, a new social network with 'truth' as its motto.

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'Fighting the Silicon Valley tech giants'

Donald Trump has his own definition of truth, and it is clearly not aligned with that of Silicon Valley companies. The former president, who paradoxically democratised the term 'fake news,' says in a statement:

I created TRUTH social and the [Trump Media & Technology Group] to fight the tyranny of the tech giants. We live in a world where the Taliban has a significant presence on Twitter and yet your favorite American president has been silenced. This is unacceptable. I can't wait to share my first TRUTH on TRUTH Social.

With the creation of Truth Social, the businessman thus intends to compete directly with Facebook and Twitter. For him, it is also a way to get around his ban from these platforms, while ensuring that he is never censored.

Global launch in 2022

For the moment, we don't really know what Truth Social will do, but some visuals are already available on the App Store.

This platform, which 'encourages open, free, large-scale debate without discrimination against political ideologies,' will be visually very similar to Twitter. However, it seems important to note that the Trump Media & Technology Group, created for the occasion, will offer a video-on-demand service and openly 'non-woke' podcasts.

Finally, Truth Social will initially be launched in Beta, accessible by invitation only. Its global launch is planned for the beginning of 2022.

Trump's new social platform ‘TRUTH’ gets hacked within hours of announcement Trump's new social platform ‘TRUTH’ gets hacked within hours of announcement