Woman forms ‘throuple’ with husband’s best friend

A married woman who wanted to explore her bisexuality is now in a ménage à trois with husband and his best friend.

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Ménage à trois

Katy met actor Justin Rupple, at a comedy show in Seattle, USA. The pair seemed to hit it off and ended up tying the knot seven years later. Back in college, marketing executive Claire Thornhill, had become close friends with Justin.

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The married couple started having discussions in what they wanted from the relationship. That's when Katy revealed that she was bisexual and wanted to make connections with other women.

She wanted to get involved with Justin's mate, Claire, and surprisingly her husband was on board with the whole idea. After discussing the topic for seven years, the couple decided to reach out to the old college friend.

Mutual attraction

Despite initial nervousness, they were relieved when Claire agreed to give it a try. Claire said:

I had been best friends with Justin since 2004 and was ecstatic when he and Katy tied the knot in 2013. Shortly after they wed, they had an open discussion about what they wanted in their partnership and the topic ofKaty's sexuality led them to talk about me, the friend she was attracted to on Justin's social media posts.
After years of discussions, they finally decided to reach out to me. Katy and Justin wanted to make sure their feelings didn't ruin the friendship they had with me, especially if the attraction wasn't mutual. At first, it was a surprise as I had never been approached like this before. Despite this, the surprise was welcomed as I had always had feelings for both men and women.
I never knew it was a possibility, but the friendship Justin and I had and my attraction to them both, made it exciting, we were instantly in love. We trust each other and that's the only way to make any relationship work, when you feel truly accepted by your partner(s), simple feelings like attraction and fear of abandonment aren't that scary.
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