This Is The Reason That The Heat Is Making You So Sleepy

The heat has finally come to England, but with it comes the fatigue. So why do we feel so tired during summer?

After a long winter, the sun is finally shining everywhere in England, making the temperatures soar. In big cities, the heat can get quite overwhelming, with homes and offices getting stuffy. At work, it can be difficult to concentrate and do your best in the mornings. The body works hard during the summer, and we feel it the most when fatigue settles in. But why?

'If you’re tired in summer, it’s just because you’re sweating,' explains Jean-Louis San Marco, medicine professor at the University of Aix-Marseille in France, to the newspaper Le Parisien. When it’s hot, the body tries to maintain its regular temperature of 37 degrees by sweating to cool itself down. 'Between 17 and 23 degrees, we sweat out about half a litre a day, but in hotter temperatures, it can be up to a litre per hour, it’s exhausting!' This is definitely why you don’t feel your best during this period.

Some practical advice to keep you cool

To feel better, you should keep yourself well hydrated and take regular breaks. If you can, maybe go to a park or somewhere near water for a nap or even to just relax a bit. Small streets in big cities and a lack of water access don’t play into your favour when the temperature is above 30 degrees. In the countryside, you'll probably feel the effects of the heat less because you’re in an open space, but it is still important to take care. If you can, adjust your schedule and do your best to stay healthy!

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