Hair Loss: Can You Fight Against It And Really Eradicate It?

Hair loss and baldness is a sensitive subject, a real curse that affects a large number of men. So what are the best solutions to avoid and fight against it?

As the years go by and your hairline recedes, the beautiful hair you had as a teenager is now only a distant memory: it's clear that baldness is not far off. For some of you, it has already caused irreversible damage. Don't worry, there are solutions.

Better safe than sorry

The best way is to first tackle the problem at its source... or if you prefer, at its root. First of all, castor oil or the famous beer yeast will help you strengthen your hair and accelerate its growth, or regrowth. Inexpensive and organic solutions.

On the scientific side, the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products has validated two drugs: minoxidil and finasteride, before informing on the risks of the second, which includes a risk of psychiatric disorders and sexual dysfunction.

But their role is above all to help keep the hair that is still present, rather than to make that which has disappeared grow back. Just like ketoconazole, a substance present in most anti-hair loss shampoos.

How do you make lost hair come back?

If the damage has already been done, there are several options. First, eat healthier. Avoid fried food, which increases the activity of your sebaceous glands, but also avoid desserts because sugar creates a peak of insulin that promotes the secretion of testosterone, which will quickly become DHT: the substance responsible for hair deterioration and then hair loss.

Stay away from 'miracle solutions' such as spray-on hair, which are ephemeral and restrictive. Instead, go for a hair transplant if you have a full wallet, as they can range from £1,500 to £4,500.

But the most effective solution, the least expensive but necessarily one of the most difficult, remains acceptance. Becoming bald can cause quite a complex, but it has nothing to do with youth or virility. You can also mourn the loss of your hair, and reconcile yourself with a shiny head.

Balanitis: Poor hygiene can cause this skin condition in uncircumcised males Balanitis: Poor hygiene can cause this skin condition in uncircumcised males