Check Out The Internet's Funniest 'In My Feelings' Challenge Fails

The 'In My Feelings' challenge has taken over the internet, but not everyone has been getting it right...

As internet challenges go, the 'In My Feelings' or 'Kiki' challenge is one of the silliest. Maybe not quite up there with the Tide Pod challenge (seriously - why?!) but getting out of a moving car to dance in the middle of the road is probably not the smartest idea.

As you probably already know, the challenge involves having someone film you from a moving car as you jump out and perform the dance to Drake's hit single 'In My Feelings'.

Police have been warning people against participating in the challenge as it can be seriously dangerous. Last week, 18-year-old Anna Worden had to be rushed to intensive care after she tripped and hit her head getting out of the car as part of the challenge.

The people in these videos thankfully didn't suffer such serious injuries - although their pride must certainly have taken a bit of a beating...

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