This Is the incredible amount of money Neymar pays his friends

Even after signing with PSG, Neymar has never left his Brazilian roots behind, and he helps out his family and friends on a daily basis.

Neymar in Europe since 2013

Neymarstarted conquering Europe in 2013 with FC Barcelona, a team he would like to return to. But in the meantime, his European conquest has not been made by him alone, as his family and friends followed him from Brazil. Arriving on the European continent at a very young age, the Santos native, like all other footballerswho try their luck abroad, had to acclimatise to a new culture.

Neymar brought his friends from Brazil

For some, this goes rather well and for others, the move can sometimes be difficult to adjust to. Neymar,for his part, found the solution so as not to be too out of place when he first arrived in Barcelona and then in Paris. In fact, he brought all his best friends with him to continue to be by his side on a daily basis. This was a good solution for the Brazilian, who knows how to party and to surround himself with friends.

Together, they form a big brotherhood of 7 ‘Toiss.’ They all have very specific roles and serve the interests of the Brazilian superstar:

  • Jo Amancio, his adopted brother,
  • Guilherme Pitta, plans the Brazilian's leisure time,
  • Gustavo Almeida and Cristian Guedes, the managers of the family business,
  • Gilmar Cebola Araujo, his personal photographer,
  • Alvaro Costa, the man who introduced him to European life as a young man.

Neymar pays his friends £10,000 per month

According to Mundo Deportivo, his friends are paid £10,000 per month to help him in his daily life. This is a generous sum for his 6 friends, but which represents only a drop in the bucket compared to Neymar's insane salary. His salary alone for Paris Saint-Germain amounts to £33 million per year. Added to that are his bonuses, advertising, and sponsorship contracts...

Being Neymar's friend can be very profitable!

This Is How Much Neymar Pays His Entourage This Is How Much Neymar Pays His Entourage