Real’s New Star Player Feels Faint During His Presentation

In the middle of a press conference while he was being presented to the press after joining Real Madrid, Eder Militao seemed to be visibly struggling.

Signing with Real Madrid is an achievement for any football player. Bought for 50 million euros by Casa Bianca, Eder Militao was recently presented to the public and the press. But in the middle of the press conference, the 21-year-old player felt a bit ill at ease.

Overwhelmed by emotion, Eder Militao suddenly felt like he was suffocating in his suit. It became impossible for him to continue with the press conference and he slipped away before he fainted in front of all the cameras.

It was quite ironic in a way though since this little spell occurred at the exact moment that a question that was probably embarrassing was asked by a Spanish journalist, who asked about whether he wanted to play with Neymar or not in the club. Over the last few days, there has been a rumour that Neymar will be returning to Real, although Barca is trying with all their might to lower the price set out by PSG: 300 million euros.

Considered an amazing central defender, Eder Militao will soon be making his big debut with Real, and he will need to feel more comfortable on the football pitch.

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