Mcdonald's is launching a new product line called the 'McPlant'

The fast-food giant intends to get into the vegetarian market, which is becoming increasingly popular with consumers.

McDonald's is going green. To better meet the growing demand of its customers, the famous fast-food chain will soon launch a new range of vegetarian products, called the McPlant.

Vegetarian meals at McDonald’s

While this is not a first for the brand, which had already tried its hand at aveggie burger in collaboration with the vegan start-up Beyond Meat, McDonald's now seems to want to take another step in this market, which is still little exploited by fast-food restaurants, and in which the American giant is already lagging behind.

For example, Burger King is the first fast-food chain to enter this niche in April 2019, with the launch of a vegetarian version of its emblematic ‘Whopper' burger.

For the time being, it is not yet known whether McDonald's will renew its partnership with Beyond Meat. But the company's intentions are clear: it now wants to sell its own concoction, made exclusively for McDonald's, in certain markets as early as next year.

A range destined to expand

In a presentation to investors, the company also revealed that the range could in the future be expanded to include alternatives to chicken, or eggs and bacon in breakfast sandwiches.

But the timeless items will not be disappearing just yet: flagship products such as the ‘Big Mac,’ ‘McNuggets,’ and french fries, which still represent about 70% of the group's turnover in its main markets, will be more than ever put forward.

The group said in a statement:

With demand for familiar products in these uncertain times being greater than ever, (McDonald's) believes that these core classics will continue to be important growth drivers due to their popularity and profitability.

Some changes to expect

However, the company has put certain changes in place that should take place in the coming months in its restaurants, with for example an 'improved approach' to cooking the meat patties, and new burger buns.

There will also be a strong emphasis on items made with chicken, which are growing faster than those made with beef. Finally, in the midst of the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, McDonald's will also be testing a new online platform and a new loyalty programme, coupled with the construction of new restaurants designed to cater exclusively to customers who drive or have ordered online.

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