This workout will guarantee you rock hard abs and a good cardio

The ’29’ is a mix of cardio and abs workout. Perfect for those who want to get a rock hard six-pack.

This Workout Will Guarantee You Rock Hard Abs and Good Cardio
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In the WOD abs and cardio category, the '29' often comes up. Rather than striving to make long sessions of crunches or (very) long planking sessions, it is more dynamic to try this workout. Cardio to melt fat and abs to develop your six-pack. What could be better?

The ’29’ WOD

1. Kettlebell swing: 29 reps, with a kettlebell of at least 16 kg.

2. Sit up: 29 reps.

3. Box jump: 29 reps.

4. Knee-to-elbow: 29 reps.

5. Burpees: 29 reps.


Start your timer when you do your first swing and stop it only when you have completed the five laps needed to complete the workout. Nothing is said when it comes to breaks, since often it is up to you to manage your workout so that you don’t get tired too quickly.

You'll understand this crossfit workout is called ’29’ because there are 29 repetitions for each exercise. It was created to remember the 29 miners who died in a coal mine explosion in the United States on April 5, 2010.