This Military Style Workout Combines Legs And Cardio For Maximum Results

A bit of advice: arrange for someone to take you home after your workout.

The army is no laughing matter. Especially when it comes to your physique. To make sure you’re ready to face any situation, you have to train. Here’s a workout that was specifically designed for those that love showing off doing pull-ups, but really need to work on their legs and cardio.

Military style cardio and legs workout

Warm up:

1. Squat pyramid + run 25 meters

Do a squat with your body weight and then run for 25m. Repeat this with two squats, then three, then four, until you reach 10 squats.

2. Squat pyramid + run up/down

Same idea as the previous exercise but instead of running, you’ll be going up or down 10-12 steps.


1. Cardio: 5 minutes

Chose a cardio exercise (running, rowing machine, bike, etc…) and do it for 5 minutes mixing in some fast minutes-slow minutes intervals of your choice. You can use the Tabata method or any other alternative working methods.

2. Legs: 1 minute

Chose a leg exercise of your choice, with or without weights. Do it for one minute non-stop. If you decide on an exercise with a heavy weight, make sure you do a set that takes a minute, with breaks between reps. If not, don’t cut corners.

3. Abs: 1 minute

Exactly the same idea as with your legs. Exercise of choice.

The circuit lasts exactly 7 minutes and there are 5 rounds before you finish the workout. The best way to do it is without any breaks, but if it’s too much for you, take a minute to rest between rounds.

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