This Is Why You Need To Change Up Your Workouts If You Want Them To Be Effective

Never stay in your comfort zone.

Routine. This is the word people use to talk about their workouts. But if you want to progress, the real challenge is never falling into a routine. And that’s true not only for your body, but for your mind as well.

After your first workout, it’s normal to feel a few aches and pains. But after you’ve repeated this exercise multiple times, these pains tend to disappear. This is actually due to repetition. It increases the number of white blood cells known as T cells, which help to repair your muscles. As a result, your body won’t need to develop or work harder to do these exercises, since it knows how to do them and has already mastered them.

From a motivational point of view, changing up your workout routine is a necessity. If before your workout, you know you’ll be able to do everything without any issue, you’re no longer in the progressing stage.

Therefore, it is important to change your exercises and your routine every 6 to 8 weeks so that the other parts of your body can adapt to the aches and pains linked to exercising.

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