This Is How To Get Rock Hard Pecs Using Just Your Bodyweight

This Is How To Get Rock Hard Pecs Using Just Your Bodyweight

Using just your bodyweight, you can get pecs of steel!


No longer is it necessary to go to the gym, or to possess all the equipment thanks to this six-minute workout routine. It is based on two main exercises: push-ups, which can be performed almost anywhere (raised, incline, flat) and dips, which you can do on any hard surface (between two chairs, a chest of drawers, fences or walls). Take a look at the routine which can give you rock-solid pecs.

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1)    60 seconds of push-ups with raised feet (inclined). For more advanced athletes, you can add small alternating chest rotations whilst keeping your hands flat on the ground with each push. Beginners can use their knees.

2)   Dips, three sharp upwards bursts, followed by a slow, controlled descent. 40 seconds for more advanced athletes, 30 seconds for intermediates, and 20 seconds for beginners

3)   60 seconds of push-ups with flat, rigid posture

4)   Repeat the dips with the same routine

5)   60 seconds of push-ups, with hands and chest raised

6)   Final round of dips

Check out the video above for more pointers! 

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