The Best Cardio Exercises For People Who Hate Running

Hate running but still need to do some cardio? Here’s a selection of exercises that will improve your cardio without having to run a mile.

Running, what a nightmare! Running for hours and hours isn’t for everyone, but everyone should be able to improve their cardio. Here’s a selection of exercises where there’s no need to run.

The sled push and pull

This is an exercise that you often see American footballers doing, where they push and pull on a kind of machine (the Sled). It’s very effective, especially considering that it strengthens both the legs and your muscles in general.

Box jumps

Done with weights preferably, like a vest or dumbbells. Perfect for the legs and genuinely one of the best exercises to work on your cardio.

Hitting a tyre with a sledgehammer

Do we really have to explain this exercise? Everyone knows how to do it plus it helps you blow off steam.

An agility ladder

Good for motor skills, building strength and of course, cardio. Add in some sprinting and you’ll have the perfect exercise.

Battle ropes

This is an exercise that works the whole body and can be done for a whole session given the different ways there are to use them. It is also an excellent cardio workout.

The farmer’s walk

In doing this, your body will really take a hit. Try to do a route in the figure 8 and your heart will be pounding.

Resistance exercises

With a partner or with the help of an anchorage point, work with a rubber or TRX band. It’s good for cardio, your joints and explosiveness.

Tyre flips

You’ll obviously need a Crossfit, but we couldn’t just skip over tyre flips. Make sure to be careful with this exercise and only use a tyre that matches your abilities.

You could combine all these exercises to make a complete workout. And don’t forget the good old skipping rope, which is excellent for mobility and of course, cardio.

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