Test Your Box Jump Level With These Three Exercises

Scott Mathison offers three box jumps you can do according to your level.

Fitness coach Scott Mathison doesn't just make funny videos.Sure, we've already seen him squat on a longboard or train "bird box" style, blindfolded. But that does not mean that we should not take him seriously, and this is proof.

Very active on social networks, the man who dresses up as an anti-junk food vigilante regularly offers short workouts you can do at home (if you have the gear) or the gym. He usually doesn't focus strictly on weightlifting. Scott Mathison is rather a follower of mobility exercises and circuit training. Here, he concocted three exercises you can do with a simple jump box. Each of them is to be performed according to your level.

Scott Mathison's box jump exercise

Easy: box jump + squat jump + burpee

Careful to protect your knees, do not jump then go back down. Instead do it one leg at a time.

Medium: box jump + jump + burpee with clap pushup

During the jump, try to raise your knees as high as possible, as if you were passing over an obstacle.

Difficult: box jump + backflip + Superman burpee

If you think the back flip is only there for fun, you're wrong. It takes a lot of strength in the legs to master this movement.

It's up to you to try the exercise that best suits your level. Scott Mathison recommends doing these circuits at the beginning or end of a workout. Usually he does ten rounds, but this should vary according to your abilities.

Check out the video above for the tutorial...

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