'Deligiannis' Is A Brutal WOD You Can Do With A Simple Sandbag

If you get out of this WOD alive, take a minimum of one week off to recover.

There are WODs that frequently come up, such as the Murph' Challenge every year. A very complicated workout that requires a lot of endurance. Then there are the totally crazy WODs, whose end never seems to be in sight. Deligiannis is one of them and you will quickly understand why.

The 'Deligiannis' WOD

100 Sandbag Get-Ups

100 Sandbag Cleans

100 Sandbag Squats

100 Ground-to-Shoulder Loads

100 Sandbag Shoulder Presses

100 Sandbag Sit-Ups

1 mile run with the sandbag

100 Push-Ups

100 Pull-Ups

100 4-count Mountain Climbers

100 4-count Flutter Kicks

1 mile run with the sandbag

As for the sandbag, take one that corresponds to 40% of your body weight (0.4 times your weight). For the 4-count, it's simple, you do four repetitions and take a short break, which corresponds to one repetition out of 100. Yes, you read that right.

This is a For Time, so it is up to you to manage and organize your time to achieve the best possible time.

The origin of 'Deligiannis'

Many crossfit WODs are named after missing persons. This one as well, although it was not named after a military officer or a firefighter who did something heroic. The 'Deligiannis' is named after Kirk Deligiannis, one of the founders of an association that was facing challenges in raising funds.

On September 25th, 2016, after completing the SEALFIT Kokoro, a challenge of about 50 hours, Kirk lost his life. To pay tribute to him, his relatives created a WOD that corresponded to him, both brutal and very long.

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