McDonald's Employees Reveal The One Burger That You Should Never Order

McDonald's Employees Reveal The One Burger That You Should Never Order

According to employees at the American fast food chain, there’s one burger in particular on the menu that you should never order. And they aren’t kidding. According to them, if you want to have an enjoyable and pleasant experience, avoid this burger.

On Reddit, current McDonalds employees revealed the burger that you really want to avoid ordering. And no, it’s not what you would expect. It’s not the Big Mac, no it’s not the quarter pounder with cheese. Shock horror. It is in fact the Filet-o-fish.

Although this sandwich is great as a little nibble and very low in calories, 282kcal to be more specific, there’s an entirely different reason as to why you should never order this burger. In a thread that appeared on Reddit, they explain that the burger made from breaded fish, is far from fresh. They go on to say that because so little people order it, it can sit there under a heat lamp for hours before being put on your tray.

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If you however are a huge filet-o-fish fanatic, and just simply can’t go without your favourite Maccies treat, there is a way to get around it. one solution in particular is modifying your sandwich in a specific way. Ask for the burger without a specific ingredient and the staff will be forced to cook you a fresh one!

Check out the video above for more McDonald's tips!

• Abbie Marshall
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